Inside Armitage and McMillan

ReDouble took a visit to one of Denver’s latest addition to trend-setting boutiques. Created by co-founders Daniel Armitage, the former Operations Manager and Head Buyer for UNIS New York, and Darin Combs, the former Vintage and Antiques Buyer for The Brooklyn Circus and men’s buyer for Smith+Butler, Armitage and McMillan is the epitome of clean, classic, and simple. With more than a decade of experience working in the fashion capital, New York, both Daniel and Darin decided to deliver the men of Denver a one-stop-shop for fashion and style. Check the list below for some of the brands they carry.

Steven Alan
Unis New York
Saturdays Surf NYC
Save Khaki United
The Brooklyn Circus
Noble Denim
Mt. Rainier
Epperson Mountaineering
Fair Ends
Norman Russell
Taylor Stitch
The Hill-Side
Winter Session
Primary Ties
Square Trade Goods Co
Found My Animal
Fulton & Roark
Ursa Major
Centre Commercial Shoes

The shop has an intimate but inviting environment, as if it’s ones own closet. Products are neatly displayed and easy to browse. With beautifully framed pictures of scenic views for added display, it’s easy to have the imagination daydream about the story behind the brands. As one of the sharpest boutiques in Denver, I would highly recommend swinging by 1550 Platte St in the LoHi neighborhood, and browse their current stock.

Armitage & McMillan
1550 Platte St, Suite D
Denver, CO, 80202