Inside Bespoke Pedaler

An expedition into the re-energized neighborhood on Plattte street unearthed a fresh and vibrant boutique that operates in the intersection of fashion and functionality. Weaving its own unique culture, thanks to the increase in biking, Bespoke Pedaler promotes a different lifestyle for the frequent urban bicyclist through fashion. Owners, Emily and Rick, Opened up the the shop in July of 2014 with the goal of providing the urban bike community a place to purchase technology infused apparel, footwear and accessories that are stylish enough to wear anywhere. Browsing the shop, one is able to find everything from button-ups and sneakers to helmets and carry bags.

Entering the shop, you are immediately are greeted with an assortment of the biking essentials. One thing Bespoke Pedaler does impressively is the job of merging brands that share the the common standard of quality. The interior space presents an open and easy to browse¬† environment. Products are cleanly displayed on crisply designed wooden shelves to match the outdoors personality of the local area. even though Bespoke Pedaler is one of many new boutiques popping up in Denver, It’s by far one of the most impressive. Now that it’s open on 1550 Platte St, make sure you stop by the shop and check out the latest in innovative fashion.

Bespoke Pedaler
1550 Platte St Unit A
Denver, Colorado 80202