The Chocolate Spokes Bike Studio

Chocolate Spokes Bike Studio, established in 2011 and located in the historic 5-points community, is one of Denver’s most unique bike shop. In an assortment of bikes ranging from single speed bikes to full suspension mountain bikes, Chocolate Spokes offers an array of repair and customization services. The shop’s reputation has been garnering attention from riders around the Denver bike community. With a growing population in Colorado, the shop has been able to grow out of its original work location and expand into the neighboring space.

Chocolate Spokes opened its new and expanded space to allow us to conduct an interview. We spoke with co-owner, Gregory Crichlow, about the Denver bike shop and its history in the 5-points community. We dived into topics surrounding design, style, and the future of the shop. Check out the interview above we did with Gregory Crichlow and be sure to visit the Chocolate Spokes Bike Studio at East 28th Avenue and Downing Street.