Inside look at Steadbrook

ReDouble visited the newly minted lifestyle boutique, Steadbrook, located on the always bustling S. Broadway. Steadbrook, unlike many boutiques, gives off a hang-out type feel, all while boasting a carefully curated assortment of high quality and stylish products. Walking in, one can find journals, backpacks, hair care items, coffee, clothing, and more . The premium brands carried are from all across the world. From Norse Projects and MuttonHead of  Denmark and Canada to  Momotaro Jeans of Japan, Steadbrook reaches out globally to find the right styles to complete their selection of products.  When viewing the interior design, Steadbrook is aesthetically pleasing. Its open space, white walls and clean displays all attribute to a welcoming environment. One of the unique qualities that make Steadbrook stand out is the inclusion of a coffee bar. Set in the middle of the store, customers are able to relax while browsing or chopping it up with friends. Make sure you roll by Steadbrook if your on Broadway and check out the shop.

46 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80209