Redouble takes you inside Tikwid

Tikwid , one of Denver’s latest addition in high-end fashion retailing, first opened its doors in June of 2013. Located in the bustling Cheery Creek’s  shopping district, Tikwid presents a mix of American, European, Japanese and Canadian designers. Carefully curated, selections bring one-of-a-kind designs that captures the style and flare of Japanese influences. Brands range from Elephant Blanc and Katzi to The Hill-Side and Verynerd. Not to be overlooked, an impressive array of footwear from Generic Surplus gives customers the ability to stand out while still paying homage to traditional designs of modern-day urban footwear. Aesthetically, the new store sticks to an extremely clean presentation with extensive white spaces punctuated by hand crafted wooden shelves. Make your way over to this aesthetically pleasing retail space stocked with plenty of desirable goods and unique designs.

2434 E. Third Ave., Denver,
Colorado 80206