Inside Koostik

The Koostik team recently invited ReDouble to their workshop in Englewood Colorado to discover what makes Koostik one of the hottest brands coming out of Colorado. Featured in popular publications like Giz MagGizmodo, Uncrate, Thrillist, Good Clean Tech, and many others, Koostik made its initial splash with its non-electric, hand-crafted iPhone speaker. With natural acoustic amplification and sleek design, The Original Koostik caught the attention of the entire design community. Designer Jim Simon and the rest of the Koosik team didn’t sit on the success of the Original Koostik model. Rather, they used it as fuel to experiment and push the envelope. This attitude was why our visit to Koostik was so exciting.

Walking into their workshop immediately gives the impression that Koostik is all about pushing the boundaries of design, regardless of the product category. Their office walls are lined with dozens of finished prototypes and that leaves onlookers thinking “I would buy this in a heartbeat, why is this not for sale!?” The main office floor also showcases a couple of hand-crafted bicycle carts still in the prototype stage.  Their unique design and integration of Bluetooth technology would put other carts to shame.

Going into Koostik’s main workspace shows the level of craftsmanship that goes into their products; so much so that even some of the work stations are hand crafted from wood. With a dedication to innovation and over half-a-century of experience crafting wood, we are anxious to see the next creation that comes out of the minds of Koostik. Check out the gallery above to see the images of our visit, and to see the entire product-line for m Koostik, visit the Koostik website here.