Quick Hit Interview with Stable Clothing

Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your background?
I’m Josh Bachrach, Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Stable Clothing.

Can you tell us the story behind the Stable brand and how it came about?
We try to study trends and embrace them before others. Our goal is to fuse exclusivity with accessibility.

What various types of cultures play into the brands personality? (For example, sneaker culture)
We are present in the mens wear, skateboarding, sneaker, and hip hop cultures. We try to get as much Stable on people in these communities as possible.

What was the original vision behind the logo?
The original idea behind our 00 logo was eyes. We didn’t want the name of our brand to be any where on our logo to give the brand a mysterious underpinning.

How do you approach the conception for each design?
James Evans and Andy Diaz are our two designers. I would hate to be them. They are always on their computers. Always designing. Some of our designs are a collaborative effort but most are done solely by those two.

What influenced the floral patterns in some of the snap back designs?
We love floral and we knew it was a trend that was going to hit hard. We had to do it.

What limitations do you encounter as a small but growing brand?
It’s hard to get the respect you need right away. You really have to show the people that you care about your quality with all the shit brands out there. We just try our best and hope that people like us.

What is the ultimate goal for Stable?
We love seeing people all over wearing our clothes.