“Soulz of Azucar” A Film By Musa

Film maker Musa, who produced of Soulz of the Rockies, is still in the midst of filming his newest project, Soulz of Azucar. This film documents the birth and growth of Hip-Hop in Cuba.

Film Description:
Too commonly, Hip-Hop is misconceived to be a strictly American fad associated with African Americans in urban environments. This film broadens the perspective of Hip-Hop’s influence by shedding light to the Caribbean and Latin roots and influences that have always existed in Hip-Hop’s beginnings and evolutions. Discover Cuba’s role in the discourse of Hip-Hop’s history. Discover how Cuban traditions, dances, and styles have influenced Hip-Hop since its beginnings. Discover the unique way in which Hip-Hop is cultivated and preserved in Cuba.